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Page-Pixon was built at 12760 South, west of Redwood Road, at the beginning of the 20th century. From building materials and coal to groceries, grains, and housewares, the large department store sold everything. A tie rail was set up in front of this building so horses could be tied up.

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A community bank was founded here in 1905. The first location of the bank was the Page-Hansen Store, then the Commercial Building. In 1920, the bank moved across the street to the south. Other businesses coming to Highland in the ten-year period before and after the First World War included Bill’s Meat Market, Gilbert Lloyd’s Blacksmith Shop, Highland Motors, the Highland, Utah Canning Factory, the Highland Alfalfa Mill, Utah Poultry Company and numerous others ranging from theaters to mercantile stores.

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The first people of European descent to settle in the area that is now Highland settled there in the mid-1850s. In crude dugout homes, these early settlers settled throughout the river bottom. Archibald Gardner may have been the first to settle Highland land, despite early accounts disagreeing. Highland used to be called Gardnerville before it changed its name to Highland. Due to the lack of water for irrigation, Richmond’s growth was slow at first. However, the town began to grow once more water was available. In the end, three canals were built to bring water from the Jordan River to the benchland areas, providing irrigation for agricultural uses to a greater area.

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By 1914, as a result of additional irrigation water and the influx of people, Highland prospered as an agricultural community. At this time, the town’s business district also flourished.

Elementary Schools: Foothills Elementary, Midas Creek Elementary, Highland Elementary, Rosamond Elementary, Rose Creek Elementary, Southland Elementary Middle Schools: Oquirrh Hills Middle School, South Hills Middle School Highland High School Kauri Sue Hamilton School for students with special needs, Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers (JATC) south campus, and Saint Andrew Catholic School are also located in the community.

Jordan Valley Bank was founded in 1905 as a community bank. Before moving into the Commercial Building, this bank was housed in the Page-Hansen Store. In 1920, the bank moved to the south side of the street. Other businesses coming to Highland in the ten-year period before and after the First World War included Bill’s Meat Market, Gilbert Lloyd’s Blacksmith Shop, Highland Motors, the Riverton, Utah Canning Factory, the Highland Alfalfa Mill, Utah Poultry Company and numerous others ranging from theaters to mercantile stores.

Highland was also known for its farming industry. Prior to the turn of the century, the farmers in Highland gradually began to switch from self-sufficient farming to commercial farming. During its early years, Riverton’s farmers produced nearly everything they needed. Once farming became a business, this changed. Farmers in Richmond focused primarily on alfalfa, wheat, sugar beets, tomatoes, poultry, sheep, and dairy cows. On land purchased from Samuel Howard in 1886, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began storing tithed produce and livestock. Eventually, the hill where this enterprise was located at 1150 West 12400 South became known as Tithing Yard Hill, which is now a residential planned development of the same name.

Highland City is a city of the 3rd class as defined by Utah Code. Highland City operates under a “six-member council” form of government, which means there are six elected officials that make up the governing body: a mayor and five council members.

Riverton’s council members each represent a distinct geographical district and the mayor represents the city at large.

The city council has delegated the operational and day-to-day responsibilities of managing the city, its employees and services to a professional, full-time city manager. The city manager oversees all city departments and reports directly to the mayor and city council.

In 1915 the Jordan Canal Company was formed and construction began on the canal system. The company was owned by the LDS church and was completed in 1917. The canal system was designed to provide water for agriculture and municipal use. The canal system was divided into two sections, north and south. The north section ran parallel to the Jordan River while the south section ran east of the river. Both sections were connected by a series of canals. The northern section extended from the Jordan River to the edge of the

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